Quantum Communication Makes Absolute Privacy Problematic

Quantum Communication Makes Absolute Privacy Problematic

Last Sunday, Chairman of Russian Quantum Centre Serguei Beloussov stated in a conference that the world is not yet ready for absolute privacy. He says that this can result to governments losing control over information which they use to control their citizens.  

In the wake of cyber attacks around the globe, Russia announced the creation of a quantum blockchain that uses quantum data sending and cryptography to secure systems. Since cracking cryptographic codes is the main function of quantum computing, Beloussov notes that it is dangerous if it used by cyber criminals.  

Beloussov further explains that information security is a greater issue that encompasses the field of quantum communication. If total information protection is achieved, it raises grave ethical questions about the commercialization of total privacy, saying that one must not gain monopoly over information.

To date, quantum technology is used in other fields such as medicine and the environment.

Source: Tech 2

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