Privacy Concerns Clash with AI in Law Enforcement

Privacy Concerns Clash with AI in Law Enforcement

As law enforcement face an increasing amount of threats, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an important factor in helping officers deal with crime. However, the need to provide access to information to learning machines raises considerable privacy concerns.

The director of strategic relations directorate, international cooperation, and partnerships division at the Singapore’s Ministry of Home affairs, Anselm Lopez, revealed the critical role data plays in law enforcement’s decision making. He said that information can be used and studied to make sound decisions and fight against potential threats and crime, including terrorism and cybercrime. However, losses can be incurred and lives can be lost if enforcers miss out on critical details or base their decisions on unsound analysis especially with the deluge of available data, he added.

Microsoft’s general manager of public safety and national security Jamie Wylly admits that the need to provide data to law enforcement and the need to protect privacy is difficult to balance.

Source: ZD Net

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