Phone Location Data Company Hit by Hackers

Phone Location Data Company Hit by Hackers

Tech website Motherboard recently reported that a hacker had provided them data from a company called Securus which assists law enforcement to track nearly any phone across the US. The hacker is said to have provided usernames and passwords for thousands of Securus’ law enforcement customers.

Some of the data included thousands of credentials from US law enforcement customers from 2011 up to the present. Some of the data indicated that the users were working in the prison system, and it is believed that the services offered by Securus were abused by some officials.

Lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation Andrew Crocker pointed out that Securus was able to track without a warrant and allowed their users to claim authority to do so without checking. It also means that it may even be more dangerous if a hacker were to gain access to the service using stolen credentials.

Source: Motherboard Vice

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