NPC Pushes to Tighten Rules Around Consent

NPC Pushes to Tighten Rules Around Consent

NPC Commissioner Raymund Liboro clarified this week that the subject’s consent should no longer be relied upon as primary criteria in the lawful processing of personal information. Instead, specific “legitimate interest” should be used as it fosters accountability in the use of individuals’ personal data.

At the press launch of the Data Privacy Asia Conference, Liboro added that “consent fatigue” has started to set into most users, which makes consent superficial. The NPC says that “legitimate interest” would shift the burden on the controller of the information given and would therefore make processing an accountability, which is different from compliance.

The NPC chief recently revealed that they are seeking amendments to the Data Privacy Law that would tighten its powers to protect individuals against privacy breaches.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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