NPC Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

NPC Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

The National Privacy Commission recently launched at the Privacy Awareness Week event a new campaign with ad agency Campaigns & Gray that focuses on giving visibility to the issue of data privacy.

The NPC will be posting printed materials bearing the slogan “Once taken, it’s impossible to take back.” in various public locations such as internet cafes, schools, office buildings, malls to raise awareness on the issue of data protection. During the launch, NPC chief Raymund Enriquez Liboro reminded that data privacy is now a mainstream issue and Filipinos are now realizing how it is impacting their daily lives.

A recent Frost & Sullivan study showed that economic loss due to data misuse can range from $35,000 for small enterprises to $7.5 million for huge corporations. Additionally, it can cause other damages such as downtime in sales, loss of consumer confidence, cost of repair, and the inability of the company to recover from the incident.

Source: Manila Times

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