New Zealand to Pay Megaupload Founder $90,000 in Damages

New Zealand to Pay Megaupload Founder $90,000 in Damages

Earlier this week the New Zealand Tribunal said that the Crown had breached the Privacy Act by refusing Kim Dotcom’s request for all private information held about him.

The Megaupload founder wrote to 28 Ministers of the Crown for the release of his private information in 2015. Dotcom made urgent 52 requests for his pending legal matters, but were denied by the Solicitor General a month later. The Tribunal has now ordered the Crown to release the information and pay Dotcom $90,000 in damages.

Dotcom also called for the resignation of New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner on Twitter, for his complicity with the Crown Law office and the former Attorney General in unlawfully withholding information New Zealanders were entitled to.  

Source: Radio NZ

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