NetApp Lawyer Says Data Privacy Law Is Not A Hindrance

NetApp Lawyer Says Data Privacy Law Is Not A Hindrance

Last Thursday, NetApp chief security officer Sheila FitzPatrick said that complying to data privacy regulations is not a hindrance but a competitive benefit to tech firms.

The NetApp head notes that companies that are transparent about data use, and those that respect their customer’s privacy have an edge over other lax tech firms. She believes people are more likely to trust companies that make sure it’s third-party connections also follow privacy regulations.

Fitzpatrick has discussed with numerous companies while touring Australia, and said that around 40% of those firms are aware how the new law, Australia’s data breach notification policy, will affect their market.

The new data breach policy will take effect on February 22, 2018, requiring businesses to submit to probes and notifications.

FitzPatrick is a privacy supporter who works with the European Union, the U.S. authorities, and various information security agencies across the globe.

Source: CIO

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