National ID System to Replicate “Success” of India’s Aadhaar

National ID System to Replicate “Success” of India’s Aadhaar

Bloomberg recently wrote that the PhilSys ID system which was recently approved by President Rodrigo Duterte aims to replicate the success of India’s Aadhaar, the world’s largest biometric ID program.

Similar to the Aadhaar, the PSA’s Lisa Grace Bersales said that biometric data such as eye scans, fingerprints and facial images will be collected Filipinos, including undocumented individuals, minority ethnic people, and the one million beneficiaries of state cash handouts in the fourth quarter. Bersales adds that they hope to assigning a permanent ID number to all 106 million Filipinos by 2022.

Filipinos are said to be Southeast Asia’s worst savers, with around 10 million citizens unable to open bank accounts due to lack of documentation. However, the national ID system is expected to alleviate the problem and should draw more people into the banking system.

Source: Bloomberg

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