Mattel Shelves Plans for “Aristotle” After Privacy Complaints

Mattel Shelves Plans for “Aristotle” After Privacy Complaints

Last Wednesday, toy giant Mattel announced that it will not be moving forward on its planned child-focused smart hub called Aristotle.

Earlier this month, several features of the smart devices were revealed, which included the ability to react to a child’s needs such as turning on the lights for a crying infant. It was also said that the device will be able to gather data on the child, which immediately raised concerns of several privacy groups, child health experts, and even lawmakers.

Executive director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Josh Golin commended the toymaker’s decision not to continue the product. He said that it was a tremendous victory for those who believe in children’s privacy rights, adding that a device can never replace humans as caregivers.

Source: The Standard

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