Malware-based Surveillance Apps Found on Google Play

Malware-based Surveillance Apps Found on Google Play

Researchers from cybersecurity firm Lookout warned last Monday that hackers are now using Android apps to conduct targeted surveillance in the Middle East.

The apps were said to have been developed from surveillance-focused malware families: ViperRAT, Desert Scorpion, and FrozenCell. The malicious apps often work by downloading a second-stage payload when the app is used, and can collect data such as device information, metadata, location, messages, audio and calls, video, and even access the user’s social networks.

The researchers noted that the apps were so effective since they are downloaded from a trusted source such as Google Play. While the the apps themselves are not infected, they do download malicious components afterwards which get installed when the Android user lowers his device’s security settings.

Source: ZDNet

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