Magecart Group Blamed for ABS-CBN Data Theft  

Magecart Group Blamed for ABS-CBN Data Theft  

RiskIQ’s senior threat intelligence analyst Yonathan Klijnsma revealed last Wednesday that the cyberattack on Filipino broadcasting company ABS-CBN was the work of Magecart, the same group responsible for the British Airways and Ticketmaster hacking incidents.

The group reportedly used a payment skimmer on the broadcaster’s online store to steal financial data which was sent to a Russian server in Irkutsk. Dutch security researcher Willem “gwillem” de Groot says that the malware is still in operation and Chrome currently warns users that the site is not secure.

ABS-CBN has already been contacted by the security researcher, but has yet to give a reply. It has not yet been confirmed how many customers have been affected by the breach.

Source: ZDNet

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