Local Firm Distances Itself from Cambridge Analytica

Local Firm Distances Itself from Cambridge Analytica

A local company called Istrathehiya Inc. recently confirmed that they had not worked with Cambridge Analytica’s parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) and distanced itself from the embattled analytics firm, even though they are listed as one of its 12 offices worldwide.

Istratehiya president Jed Eva III clarified that while his company and SCL had previously discussed the possibility of working together, their plans did not come to fruition. He also said that they had not been a part of then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign team in 2016.

Eva added that he was confused as to why they SCL had listed “Istrathehiya” (with an extra H) on their website, and said that they had already requested for it to be taken down a while back, but the foreign firm did not comply.

Source: Inquirer Technology

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