Kids Toys May Pose Security Risks, FBI Warns

Kids Toys May Pose Security Risks, FBI Warns

Last Monday, the FBI released a public announcement warning parents about the potential security risks of online toys with cameras, microphones, and GPS functions. Authorities said this could threaten children’s physical safety and privacy.

The statement noted that some online toys could collect personal information from children, making them vulnerable to identity theft. Some toy companies could also record video and voice messages of children, which when exposed, are collected by other data companies.

Following the child safety and privacy announcement, the FBI also mentioned an incident about Spiral Toys that leaked 2 million voice records of parents and children due to its unprotected database.

FBI advises parents to closely check online toys by reading its privacy practices and user agreement manual. To determine safety, parents should know what kind of information is taken from their children and what toy companies do with their data.

Source: ZD Net

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