FDA Approves Digital Monitoring Pill

FDA Approves Digital Monitoring Pill

Earlier this week, the FDA gave its approval on a digital pill which can monitor a mental illness patient’s medicine intake.

The sensor pill, developed by Proteus Digital Health, is aimed to help individuals suffering from depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia adhere to their medication intake. Stomach fluids activate the pill to send a signal to a patch on the patient’s body, which then transmits the data to a smartphone.

With the pill, doctor can now closely monitor their patient’s health data. Mental health data is even more sensitive, which is why the pill has also raised some privacy concerns particularly from patients.

Omada Health Inc. chief privacy and regulatory officer Lucia Savage said that the pill may create a “looking-over-your-shoulder effect” and suggested that patients and physicians ask questions pertaining to the flow of data when using the technology.

Source: Bloomberg

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