Facebook VPN Found to be Collecting User Data

Facebook VPN Found to be Collecting User Data

Security researcher Will Strafach recently discovered that Facebook’s virtual private network (VPN) service called “Protect” collects significant amounts of data from the user.

Upon Strafach’s analysis of the Protect app for the iPhone, he found that the VPN uses a “Packet Tunnel Provider” extension which is enabled whenever the app is connected. This extension is used to periodically send certain information to Facebook, such as the user’s device screen on/off activity, total daily Wi-Fi data usage, total daily cellular data usage, and how long the VPN has been connected.

The app also collects information including the cellular carrier name, mobile network code, mobile country code, location, language and version of the device’s operating system.

Strafach pointed out that all of these information are still gathered even if the app is turned off.


Source: International Business Times

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