Facebook Goes After “Pastor Hokage” Groups

Facebook Goes After “Pastor Hokage” Groups

Facebook recently took action against sexually-exploitative Facebook social media group accounts in the Philippines. Popularly known as “Pastor Hokage”, these accounts spread images and personal details of women without their consent.

In a statement, Facebook said that it aims to provide users a safe space where nudity and sexual exploitation are not allowed. The offending groups have been taken down for violating Facebook’s terms of use.

JJ Disini, Managing Partner at the Disini & Disini law firm, says that by posting the data subject’s personal details without consent, those involved are possibly in breach of the Data Privacy Act. Raymund Liboro, Commissioner of the National Privacy Commission, agrees.

“Catcalled In The Philippines” Facebook page admin Koko Rodriguez confirms that he has already gotten in touch with some of the victims of the rogue accounts.

Watch the whole interview below.

Source: Interaksyon News 5

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