Experts Warn GDPR May Inadvertently Hide Scammers

Experts Warn GDPR May Inadvertently Hide Scammers

Chief scientist at McAfee cybersecurity Raj Samani recently explained that the upcoming EU GDPR may end up protecting scammers and spammers if it kills off the WHOIS protocol.

WHOIS is a lookup service used to reveal the contact details of the owner of a domain name. Samani says that it is one of the tool they use to determine suspiciousness, such as in occasions where a particular name is registered with a number of other domains. However, the new EU data privacy regime is said to be incompatible with the public WHOIS system that currently exists.

Samani further points out that the information WHOIS provides is useful not only to professionals but also to common users who need to verify information.


Source: The Guardian

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