EU’s ePrivacy Regulation May Stifle IoT Progress

EU’s ePrivacy Regulation May Stifle IoT Progress

It has been reported that EU’s upcoming ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) may unnecessarily regulate Internet of Things devices as it would make all data processing not necessary to provide a service to be illegal, and require the user to provide explicit consent in almost all cases.

According to the European Commission’s latest draft, the ePR will cover machine-to-machine (M2M) transmissions, which would include all the data flowing between IoT devices. However, the new privacy rule is said to be impractical as it will not make a distinction between M2M transmissions that contain human communications, and those that do not.

Experts say that the ePR is likely to limit digital innovation in the EU, but there is still a window of opportunity for policy makers to narrow it down as it has not yet been finalized.

Source: EU Observer

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