Equifax Hangs on to Trove of Salary Details Data

Equifax Hangs on to Trove of Salary Details Data

Reports have revealed that despite the massive hack that hit the credit reporting firm this year, Equifax still managed to keep some data, regarded as critical to the company’s future, untouched.

Sources have said that Equifax has managed to keep and protect a database that tracks the salary data and careers of employees in around 7100 companies across the country. Even after the hacking incident, a large portion of the companies that use Equifax’s service said that they would not sever ties, since the firm provides analytics that greatly help them with deal with unemployment claims, employment eligibility, and tax claims.

Dan Toporek of Wal-Mart says they will continue working with Equifax and will keep sharing information, but will also bring up discussions on security of their data.


Source: Bloomberg

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