Employers Also Put Personal Data at Risk, Experts Warn

Employers Also Put Personal Data at Risk, Experts Warn

Experts recently warned that despite the data fatigue that consumers may be experiencing due to the frequency of breaches, people still need to be wary that their employers may be putting their personal data at risk.

Risa Boerner of Fisher Phillips law firm said that people typically don’t expect their employers to lose their data. However, the exposure of employee data happens more often than expected, such in the case of Nordstrom where employee names, Social Security numbers, salaries, and checking accounts were compromised due to improper handling by a contractor.

Meanwhile, Joseph Lazzarotti of the Jackson Lewis law firm pointed out that employee data breached do not get publicized that much since employers are immediately able to contact affected employees while businesses hit by breached will have more difficulty contacting their customers.

Source: Washington Post

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