Don’t Consider Data Privacy Compliance a Burden, NPC Says

Don’t Consider Data Privacy Compliance a Burden, NPC Says

At Disini & Disini Law’s recent “Countdown to Data Privacy” seminar, National Privacy Commission’s Ivy Patdu called on the government and businesses not to see data privacy compliance as a mere “checklist” or a burden.

She said that while it is easy to pass procedures and promulgate policies, what’s needed is to ensure that each member of the organization understands that the Data Privacy Act is about protecting the personal information of individuals. Losing this information can lead to disastrous consequences for the data subjects.

Patdu revealed that around 5000 government agencies and companies have already registered their Data Protection Officers with the NPC.

Managing partner at the firm JJ Disini explained that the countdown refers to the March 8, 2018 deadline set by the NPC for the registration of data processing systems where organizations are required to submit all information on their data collection processes.

Source: Rappler

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