Developer Access to FaceID Data Raise Privacy Worries

Developer Access to FaceID Data Raise Privacy Worries

Privacy groups and experts have recently expressed concern regarding the access of Apple’s developers to facial data of iPhone X customers.

The developers will be able to use the data to build entertainment features for iPhone users, provided that they get consent first and not sell it to third parties. However, this will allow developers to observe a customer’s face, and even download and store the data on their own servers.

This brings into question Apple’s ability to enforce privacy, according to groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Democracy and Technology. A developer had also revealed that Apple’s developer agreement was long, complex, and may be difficult to understand by developer themselves. Even then, the company would only be able to enforce their rules once they catch the violator, giving room for “bottom feeders” to carry out potentially malicious activities.   


Source: Reuters

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