Credit Card Fraud Suspicions Over Cuban Nationals

Credit Card Fraud Suspicions Over Cuban Nationals

According to the police, Goldenwest Credit Union may be partly responsible for a data leak that resulted in a number of fraudulent credit card transactions made in Cache and Box Elder counties. Two Cuban nationals have been arrested in relation to the assumed fraud.

Security footage showed Carlo Lopez-Trujillo and Adalberto Aroche-Valera in each of the stores where the suspicious transactions took place. The two were arrested in May at Elder Box Country after they were found to be in possession of merchandise and receipts from multiple credit card numbers.

Both have been charged with third-degree felonies and 19 counts of unlawful possession of a financial transaction card. Lopez-Trujillo is scheduled to appear in court by August while Aroche-Valera is set to appear this week.

Source: HJ News

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