Court Rules Amsterdam Prostitution Policy Oversteps Privacy Act

Court Rules Amsterdam Prostitution Policy Oversteps Privacy Act

Netherlands — An Amsterdam court has found the country’s disclosure policy for prostitutes to be in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act. The case was filed against a municipality where 10 brothels were located.  

The disclosure policy required applying prostitutes to share information about their sex lives. The law was placed in an effort to intercept possible signs of human trafficking during an interview. The information is filed by operators later presented in regulatory inspections.

However, the court said it is unlawful to force sex workers to share personal details with operators because it places them in unfavorable legal positions. Moreover, the court stated it is inappropriate for operators to conduct disclosure interviews because they are not legally trained to identify signs of human trafficking.

At present, the municipality has not yet received its final decision from the court. A representative said they will review possible ways to amend the policy once they get the verdict.


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