Couple Discovers Hidden Cameras in AirBnB Rental

Couple Discovers Hidden Cameras in AirBnB Rental

An Indiana couple found that they were secretly being recorded in the AirBnB home they had rented in Longboat Key, Florida.

The husband Derek Starnes, who works in the tech industry, initially noticed that the smoke detector in the master bedroom had a tiny black hole. He took it down and found a camera recording to an SD card inside. They immediately contacted the police who found another such device, as well as computers, other drives and SD cards.

The owner, Wayne Natt, was arrested and charged for video voyeurism. He apparently had been renting out his house for two years on AirBnB, and told the police that he uses the cameras to record the sex parties he throws at his home.

AirBnB said issued a statement on the matter, saying that they are “outraged” and have banned Natt from the site permanently.

Source: AOL

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