California’s Vote Critical to US Internet Privacy Protection

California’s Vote Critical to US Internet Privacy Protection

California, USA – According to reports last Saturday, law makers in California are slated to vote this week on a policy that will compel internet service providers (ISPs) to get customer consent before selling data on online use.

While smaller ISPs and consumer groups are posed to support the new regulations, bigger internet companies are said to be against it. The new law states that ISPs cannot decline service to customers who don’t give consent, which is not favorable for larger companies.

Privacy advocates in favor of the new bill reason that ISPs are basically companies that must be regulated. Since it is impossible to completely avoid internet use, it is the state’s duty to ensure privacy protection for its citizens.

The ongoing security battle is largely due to affect internet users throughout the country, not just California. To date, there are 20 other states deliberating on broadband privacy protections.

Source: Consumer Reports

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