Bose Appeals in Court, Claims They Did Not Break Privacy Laws

Bose Appeals in Court, Claims They Did Not Break Privacy Laws

Reports last Saturday stated that headphone company Bose countered accusations for violating state and federal privacy regulations in a class action lawsuit filed by Illinois resident Kyle Zak in April.

Zak filed charges against Bose for not informing users that the Bose Connect app gathers data, specifically which songs users played in their headphones. Moreover, the collected information is shared to, a third-party company.

Bose urges the court to dismiss three allegations, including eavesdropping, wiretapping, and charges for violating the consumer protection law.

For wiretapping, they reasoned Bose did not illegally intercept information because the company is the immediate recipient of the data.

For the eavesdropping charges, they said the headphones did not gather communicated information. In response to breaking consumer protection, the company reasoned informing customers was unnecessary because it did not result to any liabilities.

Finally, Bose also argued that Zak did not confirm any misleading accounts based on his usage of the app.

Source: MediaPost

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