Biometric Information Privacy Lawsuits Increase in Illinois

Biometric Information Privacy Lawsuits Increase in Illinois

Recent reports have shown a substantial increase in the number of privacy lawsuits filed under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).   

The BIPA requires employers to get consent from their employees or customers through a written notice if they wish to obtain and store biometric data, as well as maintain a written policy that states how the biometric data will be handled and for how long.

It was reported that such privacy lawsuits were filed only around 2015, even though the BIPA had been enacted around 10 years ago. Even then, the increase only began a few months ago. Experts say that while it seems that there’s no definitive reason for this, it may be related to the increase in use of biometric information in Illinois’ workplaces, as well as the extensive financial damages associated with the BIPA.

Source: National Law Review

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