Android LeakerLocker Ransomware Threatens To Expose Data

Android LeakerLocker Ransomware Threatens To Expose Data

According to The Inquirer last Tuesday, a new android ransomware called Leakerlocker jeopardizes user privacy by threatening to share personal information.

The new android virus was discovered by McAfee computer security in the Google Play Store. It was lurking between two well-reviewed apps that have been downloaded at least a thousand times. Google has been notified of the problem and is currently investigating the issue.

Unlike other viruses that encrypts files and renders them inaccessible, LeakLocker threatens to send user files to people in your contact list. It gathers everything from your text messages, photos, call history, and Google Chrome browser data.

Moreover, Leakerlocker remotely loads Doxware, a program that coerces users to pay $50 via credit card within 72 hours. McAfee’s advises users not to pay the ransom, since hackers can use this method to steal credit card data.

Source: The Inquirer

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