Amazon Sends Alexa Recordings to Wrong Person

Amazon Sends Alexa Recordings to Wrong Person

It was recently reported by Germany’s c’t magazine that Amazon had mistakenly sent the Alexa recordings of one user to another, further raising privacy worries with the smart device.     

C’t said that an Amazon user had in August this year requested his Amazon data and got sent a 100mb zip file including 1,700 audio recordings of someone he does not know. The user said he did not own an Alexa device and have never used the service.

After learning of the incident, Amazon reportedly met with both the victim and the recipient of the recordings. The firm also said that it was an isolated incident and the result of human error. However, the ecommerce giant did not comment on the privacy infringement issue the incident has caused, or whether it had alerted the victim that his personal information had been shared with a stranger.  

Source: ZDNet

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