5 Major Tools to Ensure Internet Privacy Protection

5 Major Tools to Ensure Internet Privacy Protection

Recent threats of unsolicited data collection have made it mandatory for users to safeguard their data. While there are a number of internet protection tools that can prevent tracking, the following are the 5 most popular ones recommended for consumer use.

First, using onion routing and combo technologies like Onion Router and TOP protects users from traffic analysis. It is an open source product that can be used for free.

Second, I2P is another open source privacy network that uses end-to-end encryption for secure communications from ISPS.

Third, virtual private networks (VPNs) like Private Tunnel covers public IP addresses, allowing users to surf anonymously. It also keeps ISPs from collecting private data, with basic services available for free.

Fourth, proxy services like NordVPN can make sure internet data is encrypted and secured. The only visible information is the VPN server connection.

Finally, another proxy, SSLPrivateProxy.com ensures data protection but with faster internet service. It secures VPN and provides anonymous proxy for browsing.

The only disadvantage to using data protection tools is slow internet connection, but it’s still the best way to protect online data.

Source: CSO Online

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